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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  January 10, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PST

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hello, everybody, great viral videos are coming your way "right this minute." ♪ a police officer tries to save a little boy who was unconscious when she got to him. see the backseat miracle by a woman who wouldn't give up. it's a go cart race, but this isno ahead doesn't mea an officer is suspicious of a driver, but that officer's now
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on the hood. see a whole new meaning to patrolling the streets. and it's one of the finalists in the great doritos super bowl ad contest. >> you want to try out my time machine? >> sure. >> i know one of the creators of that video. now he tells us about being in the running for a million bucks. >> that's a large chunk of change right there, huh? this life-or-death moment caught on camera. this is in mexico and this is a police officer that is giving cpr to a little boy. apparently the little boy was unconscious when she got to him. you hear people around them being very frantic. but she just does not stop. and then you see that the boy has gained consciousness. she picks him up. gives him a hug. and you see that the little boy is awake. >> do we know how he became unconscious or what led to this? >> at this point we don't yet know what led the boy to be
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unconscious in the first place. >> that's, like, really nerve-racking to watch, you know, because you don't know what's going to happen. you see the boy's eyes open up and it's just like he's back to normal. >> yeah. >> kudos to her for keeping it together and keeping her mind on the mission because anybody who sees a child in distress like that is going to have some kind of reaction. >> and you can hear the joy in have been around, too, when they finally realize he is awake again. you hear cheers, some people crying, and you clearly see the police officer that saves the little boy is very, very -- finally relaxed, like, whoa. >> the officers spend their lifetime in this career probably training multiple times a year to refresh their skills and to have to use that skill of cpr and see it work, it has to be emotional for her. what you're looking at in this video seems like a row treen traffic stop in russia, but it turns into something very far from normal.
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watch this. you see two officers talking to the driver of this car here. when they run his information they realize that the same driver refused an exam for intoxication when he was behind the wheel this past november, so they knew something was kind of up with this guy. something was definitely up, because watch right there. the brake lights go off. the guy takes off. pay attention to where that other officer is. he's right in front of this vehicle, so when this guy hits the gas, that officer's now on the hood and he rode on the hood of this car for quite some time. the other officer gets his cruiser and takes off after the guy. you see here, there's the other officer still on the hood of that car. >> what a tough call for the other officer to have to make. if you chase this guy you could be putting your colleague at even greater risk because the guy will try and run. >> you're absolutely right. the guy on the hood tried to take matters in his own hands. he shot one of the wheels while he was on the hood and he fell off right there. there he is on the side of the road. this officer passes him up.
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the guy now operating with three of his four wheels and he wrecks and it looks like at this point he's given up. >> talk about one tough cop he was hanging on the hood and he was able to do something to disable the car and not the cop in the other vehicle. >> i'm kind of surprised that cop didn't shoot the driver. because that driver is endangering had officer's life. as you can probably imagine this driver now in a whole bunch of trouble. talk about a rock and a hard place. this video comes to us from lauderville, florida, near miami and we're talking about criminals who used a rock to get into a medical building. they threw a rock through a window on the second floor. climbed in. but then the hard place came when they tried to get into the office. you see here, there is a door, but they don't have any keys, so they went and got a crowbar. that didn't work. they eventually had to peel the door apart to get in. then once they got in, you can see there's one of the accordion
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wone windows for them to try to get prescription drugs. according to police they didn't get controlled substances, but they did get 5,300 pills that are worth $100,000 on the street. >> what? >> they got away with the stuff. but you can see here they didn't get away without being seen. one guy in the video realizes, hey, wait, there's a camera, watch him, he holds his hand up so his buddy isn't seen after he's seen on camera. they also found the security system, so they unplugged it. >> they unplugged it, these guys are geniuses. holy mackerel. >> we move from south florida to central florida in the orlando area, some armed masked men walk into a home and they rob the place. you don't normally think of a hotel having lots of cash because you think people are putting it on their credit cards but they did get away with some money. they go behind the counter and this clerk has to open up two drawers. they clean the cash out. >> this was as easy as it gets.
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the automatic doors open right up for them. they hop the counter. >> once they were done, they led the clerk into the office and they took off. but authorities believe these guys are responsible for this and more than ten other similar robberies in the area. this is, like, life-size mario car, but this is no child's-play game. these cars are pretty high-speed go-carts. you have bananas and shells to throw at each other during this. at one point you don't see it, but at one point it looks like they might have those devices. >> oh. >> sure did. that guy in the black go-cart comes up alongside and tries to make a pass. he spins around on the feet of that blue go-cart and gets tumbled over and the guy in the blue go-cart slides into the gravel. he gets out of the go-cart and
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stands up and rights it. the guy riding in the blue cart looks like he has a little bit of the wind knocked out of him. he sits down. this guy that walked to him was the other guy in the crash. everybody seems to have smiles on. other racers come up and check on these guys. handshakes all around, like, good solid wheel-to-wheel racing. the guy we were riding with here, looks like he may have a minor injury to his left hand, maybe when the cart came up on top of him. but pretty spectacular to watch. a lot of these guys race these cars as a precursor to getting into other full-size race cars. about to slaughter a big world record, by eating 72 ounces of steak. >> three, two, one, go! >> see how fast she downs it. she's an animal! and little grant was misbehaving, so his parents made him watch -- you can tell he's
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upset they are making him watch it. >> funny punishment. >> why the hit show ain't just his cup of tea.
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super bowl is just around the corner and many of us look forward to the commercials as part of the super bowl. always -- always a big highlight, doritos for the past couple of years have been asking for viewer submissions basically, people to create their own doritos ad and submit
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it. here's one of them called "time machine." >> want to try out my time machine? >> sure. so now what? >> got to put the whole bag in. >> okay. >> yes! >> it's really working! >> not mine, yours! >> simple. >> so simple. it's a brilliant ad, it's one of five finalists now. >> it's really working! >> the cool part about that particular video "time machine" is i know one of the creators of that video. his name is raj suri, he's joining us right this minute, you could win a million bucks. >> that's right, a million bucks. split amongst the team, but, yeah, that's a large chunk of change right there, huh? >> that has just got to be
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freaking you out. you're in the top five right now. it didn't cost much to make the ad, and here you are in the national spotlight. >> yeah, you know, it cost us $300 to make that entire spot. obviously, we pulled a lot of favors. the reason we were able to do that, i mean, we shot that commercial at the director's parents' house. that little boy in there is the director's son. >> so, how did you finally come up with that concept, that idea? >> you know, so ryan, ryan anderson, who is the director of the spot, was watching "back to the future" with his son gavin who is the little kid in the commercial and gavin asked his dad, hey, can you build me a time machine? and that's kind of how it all got started. >> so what does being in the top five mean? >> i'm kind of enjoying this ride. regardless if we win or lose, we're just going to have fun. we're going to try our hardest to win, and i just want to make sure when it's all said and done, i really enjoy this. >> thanks, good luck. >> thanks for having me, i really appreciate it. >> if you want to check out the
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finalists, click on today's show and vote. little grant hates "downton abbey" what do mom and dad do when grant is misbehaving? they play "downton abbey." >> turn that off? >> what off? >> that! >> you could tell he's so upset that they're making him watch it. >> that's a funny punishment. >> grant is 4 years old and apparently they filmed this video after he wouldn't clean up his toys right before he had his little bed. >> cartoons, all the kid wants to see is cartoons, give me some thomas the tank engine. >> it's a punishment! >> please! >> tell me what you want, i can't understand -- >> i want to turn this off. >> i don't know what it is. >> it's "downton abbey"? >> he knows what it is. >> he says it a lot better than a lot of people who think it's "downtown abbey." >> you don't want to watch that? >> no. >> how come? >> i just don't. >> you don't like it?
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is it boring? >> yes, it is. >> the sensibilities of a 4-year-old not the same as a 4 -- >> look at me. >> "downton abbey." 72 ounces of steak. that is a huge hunk of meat. could youright? the world record for eating 72 ounces of steak belongs to our buddy furious "t," we know him because he does all sort of crazy meat challenges. he has the world record 6:48. had the world record. he's a bodybuilder, tough guy, eats all kinds of crazy tough. who beat him? this woman. >> no! >> molly schuyler, 5'7", 125 pounds mother of four, and guess what, molly is a top-ranked competitive eater herself. what did i tell you that pete's record was 6:48? guess what, here goes molly. >> three, two, one, go!
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>> she's chomping away at that giant hunk of meat. remember, 72 ounces we're talking about here. look at her. just knawing away with this with her bare hands. look at the clock. >> she's biting into it like it was a marshmallow. >> she went primal and destroyed the record, 2:41. >> no. >> that's, like, less than half of the old record. the old record was 6:48 by serious pete. look at her. >> she's an animal. >> here's where they call the final bite. >> yay. >> and there's your final time, 2:41. >> yes! >> where she puts it, i have no idea. this all went down at sailor's old country kitchen. i don't even know where you find a piece of meat that big, but she downed this thing like it was no problem. the cactus-eating challenge needles and all. >> oh! >> he gave up.
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he gave up. >> see how it goes down, next, "right this minute." and still to come it's the suspenseful preview for what's ahe ahe ahead. >> hey, sweetheart, what's up? >> i think something's wrong with the oven. >> oh, the dog. >> there is something that's inside that oven. >> what's inside that will change their lives. plus, see why catching a major wave never looked so sweet. >> whoa. >> yeah. you can see that swell come up and every bit of the anatomy of this waveforms.
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swelling to just crushing over the top, turning into a perfect barrel out the other side. this is mckie's submission to the oakley's wave of winter contest. whoever can ride the best wave, they take the video, they submit it. each month there's a different winner. this is mckie's submission to the december contest. to win 25 grand. >> whoa, really? >> yes. this is no joke these kinds of contests. and if you're a pro, you know what you're doing, get this kind of shot, cha-ching. >> you know what he was going through there, he was probably thinking this gnarly barrel, bro. coming soon, june 2014. >> it's like the start of any scary movie trailer. you have an autumnal scene, leaves blowing. something's happening in the kitchen. this lady turns off the stove. she turns around and watch what
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happens! it turns back on. >> it turns back on. >> then the phone rings. >> hey, honey, it's me. >> hey, sweetheart, what's up? >> i think there's something wrong with the oven. >> there's, like, a goblin in there. >> there is something in that oven. >> oh. when the dog -- >> oh, no. >> dogs always know something's wrong. >> yes. >> brandon? the call is coming from inside the oven. >> what's inside the oven, you guys? it's a bun in the oven! >> that's right. bun in the oven. brandon and robin are video editors and they decided how should we announce our pregnancy? how about we make a movie trailer for the impending delivery of our little bun in the oven. they don't know what sex it's going to be yet, but the baby is
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coming this june. >> really clever. >> yeah. >> they did make this one day. they just shot it on a saturday afternoon. >> and i do like the scene, the suspenseful, scary theme because when first parents become pregnant, they are a little nervous about becoming parents. they get nervous about it even though they're excited about it. >> and the dog's upset. that's why the dog was barking because now there's going to be another little bundle of joy in the house taking the attention. >> he won't have all the attention. >> right. these women are the best at doing this. they're known for their charisma and their style. >> the story behind the four-way stunt that will blow you away. >> so passionate about its new
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i'm judgement going to say it like it is, this is the rodney dangerfield of foxes, i have two videos of this fox and it is not his day either time. we start with this one, there he is, crawling in an excavator.
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but watch what happens. >> aw. >> the excavator starts to move and he's, like, i need to get out of here. >> he got out of there. >> so technically he was the quick brown fox. >> he was the flying fox there for a second. >> what the heck made the thing climb in there? you hear the noise of this machine, you would think they would be afraid to get close to it. >> here's the fox again and i think his name is sergei, he comes up to the window, the window's open and there's a cup and, watch, they drop some food in, so here comes the fox, watch what happens. he knocks it ever. it's not his day. he gets no respect. he's the rodney dangerfield of foxes. >> they are kind of taunting with the fox. they are kind of like messing with him. the fox doesn't know how to use the cup. >> five bucks says a raccoon would have just used his hand to reach in and grab it. hungry little beagle. ♪
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nothing i enjoy more than seeing a kick-ass girl doing really cool things. >> i have four of them right here. >> they are known as the joyriders xt and they are featured in the series on epic tv that shows all the amazing extreme sports they do. they are experts in the wind tunnels, skydive, they face jump the four girls, together they do what's called dynamic four-way which is a competition inside the wind tunnel. they're known for their charisma and their style. >> it's like a fishbowl with wind instead of air. >> right. >> or like one of the booths they have on game shows with the dollar bills. and the dollar bills are accumlative. >> to learn more about this we have one of these extreme athletes via skype "right this
9:27 am
minute." amy, thanks for joining us. >> thank you. thank you. >> how did you guys come together to create the joyriders xt? >> actually, most of the girls i've met throughout the years of skydiving, they were my students. i've been skydiving for 18 years and i coached all of them and now we've come together from all over the world. hey, let's do this. we have so much fun together. we've all been extremely competitive skydivers, but in this discipline, dynamic four-way, is relatively new for us. our learning curve has been steep, but we're still kind of in the middle of the rank with discipline. >> how similar is the wind tunnel in sensation to actually sky skydiving? >> the air feels very similar. the biggist deference is the visual. you have to in the air really focus on referencing your partners, but when you're in the tunnel you can use the different lines and references in the building itself. >> how can you gutunnel, like, practice? >> on a skydive you have one minute usually of free fall time
9:28 am
to practice your routine. in the wind tunnel you can go in there for an hour and a half at a time, so it's like doing 150 skydives. >> wow. >> do you still get nervous each time you jump out of a plane or off of a building or off of a cliff? >> i do get nervous depending on what i'm doing, if it's something new, but most of the time sky devidiving is super fu. >> do you have any irrational fears? >> i hate jellyfish. in my circle of friends pretty much everyone is pretty fearless. that's it for us here "right this minute." thanks for joining us, everybody. and we'll see you next time.
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hi, everybody, and it's time for the best videos of the day "right this minute." ♪ a trooper pulls behind a car when he realizes the driver is brandishing a handgun. how it went from traffic stop to high-speed spin-outs and a shootout. rescuers try to free cows from a frozen pond. look at that one over on the end. it's, like, hey, you cut me a hole, let me try to get out of here. how some gutsy firefighters went


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